Web Development Services

Our capability and reputation ensures our clients keep returning for more and recommending us to others.

See our ever-increasing number of case studies for examples of some of the recent successfully delivered projects.

What makes us unique?

Arctic Kiwi are large and experienced enough to take on significant web development projects and offer the full suite of design, consulting, development, hosting and support.
But we’re small enough to always offer a prompt and personalised service to all our clients.

Our smart tools and development techniques mean we offer you the one day challenge plus free SEO consulting and free hosting

How do we help your business?

Due to our rapid prototyping and agile development approach, Arctic Kiwi can deliver your application faster than virtually any competitor.

Our team are more responsive to changes and more proactive in incorporating best practices into your application or web site. You get so much more, including a site optimised for search engines, utilising web standards and development best practices.

Having a constantly updated staging environment means you see the results of our efforts immediately making the entire development process more transparent.

New Technology

Our team are avid users and contributors on the internet. We constantly strive to stay up-to-date with new technology and trends as they evolve and consider how these may be applied to your business.

Aspects of Web 2.0 provide interesting opportunities to engage with your customers like never before.
Companies which embrace this new means of interaction are destined to outperform those who fail to evolve.

Understanding all these new technologies, services and trends and how to apply them to your business is daunting to the uninitiated and can seem overwhelming.
Our frank and direct advice allows you to differentiate the hype from the useful information. We provide a tangible strategy for how to enable your business or campaign to perform well in this complex new medium.


Arctic Kiwi developers have years of experience across a range of different languages and technology. This gives us a solid understanding of concepts such as caching, optimisation, accessibility, internationalisation and usability.

Our team has a broad range of language knowledge, including:

  • Ruby on Rails
  • PHP
  • Java & J2EE, Spring & Struts
  • Python and Django
  • Perl
  • Jade
  • C

Development Practices

To ensure we consistently deliver to the highest standard we implement a few processes and practices during development and post-implementation:

  1. All source is source controlled, tagged and versioned
  2. Automated builds
  3. Automated deployments
  4. Automated testing at the unit, functional and integration levels
  5. Behaviour driven development (BDD)
  6. Bugs tracked in a central repository
  7. Client-accessible web-based project management tools
  8. A test bench across multiple platforms, browsers and versions
  9. Full off-site back ups

Bespoke Development

Our core business is focused on rapid development of custom-made software for our clients.

Bespoke (or custom) software is simply a software application tailored specifically to cater to a client’s request (compare off-the-shelf software).

Due to our rapid application methods we offer all clients take the one day challenge. Additionally all new software development projects are eligible for free SEO consulting and free hosting.

Please contact us for more information on our development services.