Web Design Services

Arctic Kiwi work with a number of trusted creative agencies and design studios to produce great looking web sites.

These are not only visually striking and unique, they also maximise usability and accessibility to ensure you customers are drawn into the appropriate parts of the site and your message is effectively conveyed.

Partner Network

We have selected creative partners who consistently deliver quality designs which we take and add functionality to produce your site.

These partners liaise directly with us to provide several design options from which you can choose. Alternatively if you have existing design or brand guidelines we can work within these, or even directly with your own designers.

Design Services

Our designers have a range of skills from simple HTML and CSS to full concepts, branding, graphics design and art direction.
Arctic Kiwi provides fully integrated services meaning one point of contact for an entire web site or marketing campaign.


Usability is a major focus of the work we do. Sites which are intuitive to navigate and the user enjoys interacting with means they’re more likely to spend more time on the site and have a more positive attitude towards your business.

We follow a number of guiding principles to this end, such as eschewing dominant flash animations which add no value, providing functionality which works with Javascript disabled and sites which perform well on small browsers.

Our sites are checked W3C XHTML standards complaint meaning they’re accessible to disabled users and through screen readers and other web parsing devices.
An additional service we offer is mobile-enabling your web site so it renders well on the increasing number of hand held devices and mobiles. See the mobile development services page for more information.

Please contact us to find out more about our design services.