Event Calendar and Staff Management Application

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Jam Staffing


Jam Staffing came to us with a requirement to build a system which allowed them to coordinate the hundreds of staff in their database with all the events they supply every day.
Previously they were emailing around spreadsheets, answering many calls from different staff, dealing with confirmations and cancellations and manually emailing out instructions. This was preventing their business growing due to the overhead in supplying each event and the amount of manual work required.

Our Solution:

Arctic Kiwi developed a custom application accessible by everyone in the office and coordinate events through one central database.
Event information can be automatically sent out to staff and they can automatically flag their availability and confirmation. This has dramatically reduced the number of follow up calls required, streamlined their business and allowed them to run many more events concurrently.


Brilliant! To watch our website idea come to life and work even better than we had ever envisaged was amazing. So delighted with the outcome of Arctic Kiwis hard work and an absolute pleasure to work with on such a project. Always on hand to help and looking forward to the next idea we want to put into action!

- Jeremy, Jam Staffing

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