Download you twitter feed using Ruby on Rails with OAuth

Jun 28 2013

Twitter provides an easy to use API allowing you to display your tweets on another web site or inside another application.\r\n\r\nHere is a step-by-step tutorial explaining how to modify your Ruby on Rails application to download tweets using the new OAuth authentication mechanism.

Make Paperclip attachment file path backwards compatible

Apr 05 2013

Somewhere between Paperclip version 2.7 and version 3.4 the fine people at Thoughtbot changed the default URL and path for attachments. This means if you upgrade suddenly none of your uploaded files are available. Here's a simple patch to solve this.

DividendMax site launch

Oct 31 2011

With banks providing providing such appalling savings rates and share prices and historical lows, never before has investing in the share market looked so attractive.

The monumental Myspace cock-up

Feb 04 2011

What will become of the once glorious and hideous social media powerhouse and youth hang out Myspace? Is it possible to salvage the value destroyed by Murdoch's Newscorp?

JQuery Autocomplete labels escape HTML tags

Nov 17 2010

An upgrade of JQuery UI to version 1.8.6 breaks our Autocomplete results which have embedded HTML. Here I show how to fix that.